Easter Bunny Napkin Holders

These cute little bunnies are hopping right on to your dinner table napkins. They are fun for little hands to

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create and share as a decoration at the table for Easter.

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Easter Bunny Napkin Holders Photograph

Supplies for Bunny Napkin Holders:

1 white pipe cleaner
2 small googley eyes
1 extra small pink pom pom
1 small white pom pom
craft glue

1. Take your pipe cleaner and fold it over in half to create a small circle. Twist the cross-section around. Fold down each of the ends and twist them around the center to create the 2 bunny ears.

2. Glue on your bunny’s face, 2 googley eyes and pink pom pom nose. Also glue on the white pom pom to the back for the fluffy

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Let the glue dry completely and it’s ready for placing onto a napkin for dinnertime.


  1. Jenn says:

    This is adorable! What a great idea.

  2. Anita Ryan says:

    Very cute and so simple. : )

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